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And remember, Life Happens! 

What is life coaching? ​

Life coaching is a confidential partnership between the client, and the coach. My goal as a Certified LifeCoach is to help you identify where you are now, and take steps to be where you want to be. Through the coaching process, you’ll: 
•    Be inspired, and motivated to become accountable for your own actions
•    Feel supported
•    Be encouraged to answer tough questions to lend clarity to your life
•    Learn to be honest with yourself, mindful, and present
•    Discover your own truth 
•    Embrace positive thinking
•    Move through blocks and obstacles 
•    Understand the  impact emotions have on your life
•    Work to become your true authentic self

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Imagine This...

...You're sleeping soundly, when suddenly, you jolt awake. There's sunshine streaming into your bedroom. Sunshine? SUNSHINE! Your alarm wasn't set, and're late. You rush to the bathroom, only to discover there's no toilet paper. In your hurry you slosh coffee down your shirt. Then, you stub your toe on the way out the door. Can you image? What  a day! Its ruined, and its only 9:00 AM. You feel your shoulders sag a little in frustration. When you get to work, you snipe at your coworkers.  You're rude to a client. It seems like a stone rolling down hill, gathering momentum...your day goes from bad to worse.

That's the thought process I followed before life coaching.  A minor setback could ruin my day. Until Susan entered my life. Working with Susan, I learned that your emotions set the stage for your day. Negative emotions, equals a bad day. But, as I learned, it doesn't have to be like that. There are tools...strategies you can use to manage your emotions, to manage those little - and big - challenges. And that's why I've become a life coach. Because I have power over my life - through little changes! And I wanted to help others achieve that same level of happiness, of fulfillment, as I have found. Now this doesn't mean I don't get frustrated when I spill coffee down my shirt... but now, my frustration stops there. 

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About Me

My name is Shanen Kazynski and my  journey in becoming a life coach began because I was afraid to close my business, to make a change. I had concerns about income, and I was worried about starting school…and then I discovered life coaching. My coach helped motivate and inspire me. I had a calling to do something different, because I wasn’t happy doing what I was doing…I was feeling negative, depressed…my coach helped me work through this decision. After coaching, I felt my life come into alignment and I got the chills…that helped me know I was on the right path. My coach helped empower me to make this decision for myself. Now, I have all this confidence, and it helped me learn so much. Being coached helped me in my personal, and professional life. Now, I don’t sweat the small stuff. I’m happy. I’m at peace. While I still have my “days,” now I’m better able to understand my emotions and I have the tools and processes to help me deal with them. Because of this experience, I now want to help others realize their true happiness…their “bliss.” 

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Life Happens. Let me help you uncover the tools, resources, and courage within yourself to manage issues, find happiness and peace (even when it seems impossible), and make positive, lasting changes in your life.

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