​What Is Life Coaching? 

Life coaching is a confidential partnership between the client, and the coach. My goal as a Life Transformations Coach is to help you identify where you are now, and take steps to be where you want to be. Through the coaching process, you’ll: 

  • Be inspired, and motivated to become accountable for your own actions
  • Feel supported
  • Be encouraged to answer tough questions to lend clarity to your life
  • Learn to be honest with yourself, mindful, and present
  • Discover your own truth
  • Embrace postive thinking
  • Move through blocks and obstacles
  • Understand the impact emotions have on your life
  • Work to become your true authentic self

What Is Transitional Coaching?

Transitional coaching is support through various transitions in life by helping to create a safe and secure space during life's final journey. I provide non- medical, holistic support and comfort to the dying person and their family, which may include education and guidance as well as emotional, spiritual or practical care. 

End of Life Transitioning

  • Reframing the journey of the end of life
  • Safe place creation including prayer and meditation
  • Transition support for both patient and family/ caregiver
  • Holding a safe space of active listening for sharing last request and journaling life review and legacies  Compassionate companion care is non medical support services that can provide the assistance needed to maintain a safe and  independent life style for people as they transition in their life in their life

What is Companion Care?

  Compassionate companion care is non medical support services that can provide the assistance needed to maintain a safe and  independent life style for people as they transition in their life in their life.   I provide companion care services that include: 

  • Temporary respite for family or primary caregiver
  • Providing companionship and conversation
  • Performing light housekeeping and meal preparation
  • Reminder services​
  • Activity planning
  • Accompanying to appointments and errands
  • Transportation services

Who are these services for? 

Anyone can benefit from life coaching, whether you’re in a “good place” in your life, or not. Life coaching is all about identifying your personal growth goals and finding a way to reach them. Companion services help anyone who is attempting to maintain their independent lifestyle.

  • If you sometimes feel like you are a victim of your circumstance, or
  • Are dealing with a challenging life transition, such as 
    • Law of Attraction Coaching
    • Setting and Achieving Life Goals
    • Discovering Self
    • Spirituality and Meditation
    • Maneuvering Career Changes
    • Going Back to School
    • Coping with Divorce
    • Dealing with Diagnosis or Disability
    • Parental Transitions
    • Supporting Aging Parents    
    • Supporting Hospice Patients and Caregivers
    • Easing End of Life
    • Coping with the Death of a Loved One
  • Or, simply want to live your best life possible, reach your goals, and fully realize your true, authentic self

How does it work? 

I believe your thoughts attract your reality, that your emotions and your thoughts impact your life. You’ll begin by answering a list of questions I provide to help you better understand where you are today and to help you envision your ideal life. You’ll answer seemingly simple yet profound questions like: 

  • What frustrates you the most in your business or life right now? 
  • What are you the most ambitious to achieve this year? 
  • What do you think it would take to double your business, your life, or your happiness? 
  • What have you tried (or not tried) to improve your life? 

During our personal, one-on-one coaching sessions, which are conducted over the phone , email or in person , I’ll ask you more questions (are you seeing the pattern here? YOU do the real work!) We’ll cover topics like: 

  • What fear and doubts are you encountering? 
  • What’s working in your life? What’s not? 
  • How to use the “68 second process” 

I always ask, “what is your intention for today’s session?” This means our work together is very self-directed: you’re in charge. 
As I teach you processes for systematically changing your life, I’ll ask you to reflect on the process so you can truly find what works for you. 

Our time together can span a single 60 minute session, though I recommend committing to at least five sessions to have sufficient time to realize results. More sessions can be added as needed. 

Bottom line: the process is tailored based on your needs, what works for YOU. 

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